This site is designed to assist students and other who have interests in improving their ability to locate and analyze authentic, high quality sources in American History. By studying interviews, discovering and distinguishing primary documents, responding to questions, and publishing analyses of the importance of individual elements themselves, students may find this site to be an effective resource.

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Students often encounter primary documents without knowing their significance nor origin.  This site is meant to be a repository of valuable documents, including one of a kind interviews conducted by the webmaster of this site. To add documents, students are instructed to send pdf files or jpgs with relevant data to These documents will be added to the site as appropriate.  Analyses of the documents are highly valued.


Here's What This Site Is All About:
By contributing to this site (including directing students here), you will be the first to know about:
  • Documents, audio interviews, and primary sources that help tell an important story in American History
  • Analysis of those documents in the form of original student compositions
  • Suggested links and blbliographic information to assist researchers looking for documents or sources
  • Descriptions of search techniques and methods to improve and refine the research process

Daisy Aguilar Working On A Primary Source In 2004
The Julius Deetken Project Started It All in 2004

This site is composed of sources and content included at the discretion of the webmaster.